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Porn Stars and diseases

Postby JustSayNo21 » Tue Apr 27, 2004 10:32 pm

Here is a list of the porn performers who have come before us and have since shuffled off this mortal coil. It's kinda sad, but we all gotta go sometime.

If the performer has a filmography in the Internet Adult Film Database there will be a link under their name. Names that are hotlinked have deeper articles attached to them.

Special Thanks to Tim Evanson for most of the gay porn citations and to the readers of and rec.arts.movies.erotica for all the other references.

Send corrections, clarifications, additions or deletions to

Please note that is an administrative address and is not intended or provided to be an 'answer-man' for general inquiries or 'do you know what happened to...' questions. We just don't have the time or manpower to answer individual questions; for those answers, we refer you to the exhaustive FAQ. Everything else we know and like can be found elsewhere on the site.

_Not Dead
Marc Wallice
[IAFD Listing] Not dead 2/14/2004 Someone started a rumor of his demise on xxxporntalk.
[IAFD Listing] Net.Rumor. Not dead. Not Dead Not dead. All a big rumor started as a joke on a webmaster by Ciccolina's manager. Click on her name for the full story.
Kevin Dean Rumor N/A Not dead, as has been claimed on the Rad Video forums.
Tammi Ann
[IAFD Listing] Rumor N/A has an alleged obit of her by Ron Jeremy. No relation between her and the domain name owner. RAME posters have contacted Al Borda (Tammi Ann's SO at some point) and he says it's not true.
Tera Heart
[IAFD Listing] Another damned Net rumor 6/11/2000 Totally a rumor. She's fine.
Dirty Bob writes: " ... Tera Heart is alive and well. Apparently a rumor as to her demise began when a man claiming to be her current boyfriend entered her "home" club in Florida earlier this past week and told everyone that she died of a drug overdose and the funeral would be yesterday (Sunday). He was so convincing that many dancers from the club intended to attend the funeral. "

"Tera was contacted by phone in Washington and is just finishing up a dance gig to be followed by one last feature dance appearance at a Vegas club. She plans to retire from the dance circuit with the Vegas booking being her last as she intends to go back to school. "

Christy Canyon
[IAFD Listing] Rumor 6/99 Not dead; just a rumor. See the link for details.
Tiffany Mynx
[IAFD Listing] Rumor 2/99 Not dead; just a movie title.
Alicyn Sterling
[IAFD Listing] IMDB sez so N/A No evidence of her (Carrie Bittner) death has turned up. The IMDB lists her as having perished in a car accident in Vegas in July 99, but no one has been able to turn up newspaper reports, etc.
Hypatia Lee
[IAFD Listing] Faked Her Own Death N/A
CJ Laing
[IAFD Listing] N/A C.J Laing is alive and well, currently residing in the Bay Area...She looks as good if not better than she did before she "died"... please remove her from your list as she still has a pulse :)...

Holly Landers
[IAFD Listing] Car crash 1/1/2003 Holly Landers was killed on New Years Day, 2003 after a collision with a drunk driver just outside San Jose, Costa Rica. AVN Obit
François Girard Electricuted 2002 According to The composer died as a result of an accidental electrical shock caused by faulty recording equipment.
Linda Lovelace
[IAFD Listing] Car accident 04/22/2002 [Lovelace] was taken to Denver Health Medical Center with massive trauma and internal injuries after the April 3 automobile accident, hospital spokeswoman Sara Spaulding said. She was taken off life support Monday, Spaulding said.
Teri Diver
[IAFD Listing] OD 1/2/01 "She had apparently taken too much of her headache medicine," Ren Savant [her husband] told AVN
Veronica Blue Car accident 6/22/2000 She was a bondage perfomrer.
Kim Kitaine
[IAFD Listing] Drowned 4/1/99 aka Kim Bailey
Krysti Lynn
[IAFD Listing] auto accident 12/7/95 Tribute page at
Tommy Wilde Auto accident 4/94
Joey Stefano drug overdose 11/21/94
Tom Farrell Hit and run as he urinated by a road at night 9/2/93
[IAFD Listing] accident related to psychological turmoil 2/4/93
Leo Ford Motorcycle accident, hit by truck 7/15/91
Laurien Wilde
[IAFD Listing] Auto Accident 1984 A Bobby Hollander discovery only did a few films. a/k/a Tina Ross
Dick Fisk car crash 10/31/83 Thanks to LEGENDS website for the heads up.
Bob Blount motorcycle accident late 70s? appeared in a number of gay porn flicks, including L.A. Tool & Die and Inches
Sandy Dempsey
[IAFD Listing] Boating Accident Unknown A fan writes: "She reportedly died in a boating accident in the Gulf of Mexico in 1975, as per Candy Samples' column in a late 1990's issue of JUGGS"
Marc Radcliffe Accidental drowning in his bathtub Unknown He may have drowned because he was on drugs at the time and passed out in the water

Mason Flynt AIDS 1/4/2002
Brett Ford AIDS/HIV-related complications 12/25/2001
Chuck Holmes AIDS/HIV-related complications 9/9/2000 Founded Falcon Studios
Lisa Melendez
[IAFD Listing] AIDS 9/1999
Sparky O'Toole AIDS 8/1999 Shared the wrong needle.
Scott O'Hara AIDS, lymphoma 2/18/98 A friend of Scott's has set up a web site in his memory: Pammie's Celebration Of Scott's Life
Kurt Houston Liver failure 8/23/97
Bob Shane AIDS 7/1/97
Chet Thomas AIDS 3/23/97
Richard Locke AIDS 9/25/96
Steve Kennedy AIDS 1995-97 aka Luke Bender; Exact date of death unknown
Eric Stone AIDS 12/24/96
Brad Braverman AIDS 1/10/96
Ben Barker AIDS 9/28/95
Lon Flexx AIDS 9/15/95
Pierce Daniels AIDS 7/8/95
Jon King AIDS 3/8/95 a/k/a/ Jon Gaines
Chris Burns AIDS 2/26/95
Jason Steele AIDS 2/25/95
Melchor Diaz AIDS 1995 "Starred in a number of films including Dynastud. He was a great guy with a big heart, often taking in lost souls he met on the street. I lost touch, and only discovered his death upon contacting his family to find out where he was. Thanks for the ability to contribute to his memory". - DougeeBear
Kip Tyler AIDS 1995 "A good friend of mine, Kip Tyler, passed away from AIDS in 1995. His real name was Jack Hawkins and ran in Radical Faerie circles as Billie Jack. His videos included Heat, Rings, Manscape I and II, Boys Will Be Boys, and 976. Kip/Jack was active in the gay community, volunteering with the Pasadena City College GLSU and Christopher Street West as well as other organizations." - E. Pruitt
Joe Simmons AIDS complications 10/2/95
Glenn Steers AIDS 9/17/94
Jeff Lawrence AIDS 7/31/94
Brad Peters AIDS 5/31/94
Morelle DeKeigh AIDS 1994 pre-op transsexual
Craig Markle AIDS 1994
Scott Taylor AIDS 12/22/94
Zeff Ryan AIDS 1/94 AKA Jeff Ryan
Clint Lockner AIDS 6/17/93
Luc Colton AIDS 5/18/93
Lei Lani
[IAFD Listing] AIDS 1993 She-male star; verified AIDS death. Haron Masters wrote "I was friends with Rick Donovan, who was her lover, and was directly involved during the last 6 months of her life. For historical accuracy she did indeed die of AIDS. She was cremated and her ashes were spread up at the Russian River."
Lisa de Leeuw
[IAFD Listing] AIDS complications 11/11/93
Paul Pellettieri AIDS 10/93
Tyler Regan Valley fever 10/93
Scott Bond AIDS complications 10/29/93
Keith Ardent AIDS 9/9/92
Jake Corbin AIDS 9/27/92
Al Parker AIDS 8/17/92
Glenn Dime AIDS 8/12/92
Roy Garret AIDS 4/3/92
Tim Kramer AIDS 4/15/92
Lucky Luc AIDS 3/2/92
Chris Williams AIDS 9/11/91
Darryl Weld AIDS 7/24/91
Lee Ryder AIDS 7/10/91 Obit and other info available by clicking on his name
Christopher Rage AIDS 4/24/91 aka Frederick Mongue
Frank Vickers AIDS 2/24/91 AKA Roger Koch
Bill Harrison AIDS 10/18/91
Nick Elliot AIDS 9/2/90 renowned cinematographer
Steve Kreig AIDS 9/13/90 aka Steve Craig, George Dufour
Tony Bravo AIDS 7/25/90 aka Michael Pietri
Chris Ladd AIDS 11/14/90
Johnny Dawes AIDS 7/25/89
Luke AIDS 6/20/89
Marc Stevens
[IAFD Listing] AIDS 1989 Per Patrick Riley: "[Drug theory snipped], however I have two other sources who say the cause was AIDS and I believe the latter two."
Ryder Hansen AIDS 10/18/89 According to the May, 1990 issue of Manshots Wolfgang Praegert, aka Rydar Hansen, died Oct. 18th, 1989 in Ventura, CA of AIDS related complications.
John Holmes
[IAFD Listing] Cardiac arrest, encephalitis and AIDS 3/13/88
Jim Moore AIDS 11-28-88 a/k/a Ken Savoie
Casey Donovan AIDS 8/10/87
J.W. King AIDS 12/5/86
Joey Yale AIDS 1984-85
Wade Nichols
[IAFD Listing] AIDS, not suicide as once thought 01/28/85 "Straight-for-Pay" pornstar; Was on "Edge of Night" a popular soap; had a disco recording career as "Dennis Parker"
Jeremy Brent AIDS 1980s AKA Erron
Marco Vassi AIDS Unknown Gloria Leonard wrote "essentially a writer-journalist, Marco Vassi did the occasional porn film and was one of the most interesting, colorful characters I ever knew, in or out of the adult industry"
Lance AIDS Early 1990s
Eric Stryker AIDS Unknown Colt model Noel Kemp ("Not Just Friends", "Easy Entry", "Good Hot Stuff", "Wrestling Meat 2", "Bore 'N Stroke") died of KS in the early 80's. Just prior to his death he marched in the Christopher Street West parade in West Hollywood wearing shorts & a tank top. It was one of the first times a person with KS marched publicly in LA showing the symptoms of his disease.
Ken Diamond AIDS Unknown
Steve Taylor AIDS Unknown
Jim Ed Thompson AIDS Unknown
Jesse Koehler AIDS Unknown
Thom Katt AIDS Unknown The original Thom Katt, who appeared in such films as CULT OF MANHOOD and SHOW IT HARD; there's another Thom Katt -- this ain't him.
Steve Loignon AIDS Unknown
Ed Dinakos AIDS Unknown Colt model, star of Muscle Ranch
Dave Connors AIDS Unknown
Lee Richards AIDS Unknown
Arthur Bressan, Jr. AIDS Unknown
Jaap Penrat AIDS Unknown
Val Martin AIDS Unknown
Mike Davis AIDS Unknown former Colt model and porn star
Rydar Hanson AIDS Unknown
Nick Rogers AIDS Unknown

Bobby Astyr
[IAFD Listing] Lung Cancer April 2002 He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1996-7, was in remission, but then it came back. AVN Obit
Woody Long
[IAFD Listing] From a head injury 9/28/2002 According to AVN, Woody had a stroke on 9/16/02, fell down a flight of stairs, and hit his head.
Chuck Traynor
[IAFD Listing] Heart Attack 7/22/2002 There's a longer piece at AVN
Winston Love Meningitis 2002 According to African-American star Winston Love made around twenty videos, mainly for Bacchus Releasing, All Worlds, Jet Set and US Male. His titles include: Black Balled 2, Black Encounters, Frat House, Interracial Interrogations, Marine Chronicle, Special Forces, The Underboss and White Guys With Black Ties. The cause of death was Meningitis.
Devon Renfro Brain Aneurysm 12/25/2002 found by his boyfriend, porn star Kris de Ferr
Bob Tremont Pneumonia and liver problems 03/10/2002 Co-owner (with his lover) of straight-porn colossus Odyssey Video and its gay porn subsidiary, Men of Odyssey. AVN Obit.
Robert Rimmer He was 84. 8/1/2001 Rimmer wrote the X-Rated Video Guide (later co-written with Patrick Riley) as well as The Harrad Experiment. AVN Obit
Alex deRenzy
[IAFD Listing] Stroke, Diabetic Attack 6/8/2001 Prolific director; a pioneer.
Robert Kirsch Non-AIDS-related cancer: lymphoma 5/5/2001 Co-founder of Titan Media
Dean Roberson Lung Cancer 11/23/2001 Roberson was an art director. AVN Obit
Steve Regis Heart Failure 07/26/2001 See article.
Leslie Glass
[IAFD Listing] Cancer 8/4/2000
Anthony Spinelli
[IAFD Listing] complications due to pneumonia 5/30/00 One of the best adult filmmakers ever.
Bruce Seven
[IAFD Listing] Complications from stroke and emphysema 1/15/2000 As reported by AVN, the details of his death are as yet unknown, but are believed to be related to emphysema and his recent stroke. AVN Article
Joey Carson Heart Attack 2/26/98
John Derek Cancer 1998 Directed "Love You"; most recently married to Bo Derek
Scorpio stomach cancer and complications from AIDS 12/24/98
Matt Gunther Heart Attack 5/27/97 Had AIDS
Rene Bond
[IAFD Listing] Liver problems 6/2/96 She died in LA of liver problem, possibly cirrhosis.
Terri Hall
[IAFD Listing] Cancer 1995
Moana Pozzi
[IAFD Listing] liver cancer 9/15/94
Jack Baker
[IAFD Listing] Cancer 11/13/94
[IAFD Listing] Leukemia 4/93 Post-op T/S star from 1992.
Angelique Pettijohn
[IAFD Listing] Cancer 2/12/92
Mark Weiss
[IAFD Listing] Undisclosed medical reasons 1992 screenwriter of "Catwoman" and "Welcome to Dallas" among others. He directed "Black Taboo"
Joseph Tiffenbach Heart attack 1/27/92
Buster Congenital Heart Failure 2/10/91 According to Frontiers, Buster was HIV+ but not related to his cause of death
Mark Reynolds Heart attack 1989 The original one who appeared in such films as ONE SIZE FITS ALL and BIGGER THAN HUGE and BUSTER GOES TO LAGUNA
Kurt Marshall AIDS-related kidney disease 10/10/88 His real name was James Allen Rideout Jr.
He was only 22 years old at the time of his death.
The cause was definitely AIDS-related.
My source for this information may be found at: dead_friends/list.html
Kevin James
[IAFD Listing] Testicular Cancer 1987
Ajita Wilson Cerebral Hemorrhage 1987 a very exotic, American-born actress in European porn films
Lauren Dominique
[IAFD Listing] Cancer 6/86
Michael Bruce testicular cancer 1985 boyfriend of Sharon Kane, appeared in Devil in Miss Jones 2 among others
Tina Russell
[IAFD Listing] Natural Causes 5/21/81 Acute alcoholism
Dick Masters Spinal cancer, not AIDS-related Unknown
Jack Deveau Lung cancer Unknown

Taylor Summers
[IAFD Listing] Stabbed to Death March 2004 Found stabbed multiple times in suburban Philadelphia (Conshohocken, PA)
Nozomi Momoi Stabbed to death 2002/10/12 Japanse AV star; involved in bizarre murder/suicide pact.
Lolo Ferrari
[IAFD Listing] Murder? 3/5/00 Update March 2002: Her husband has been charged and arrested for suspicion of murder in Lolo's death.

The original obituary:

GRASSE, France, 2000 March 5 (Reuters/Variety) - French porn star Lolo Ferrari died on Sunday of natural causes in her house on the French Riveria, police said. She was 30.

Ferrari was billed as ``the woman with the biggest breasts in the world'' and had a reputed 71-inch (177.5 centimeter) silicone-enhanced bust.

A bid to register her name as a fashion label was defeated two years ago by her namesake, the Italian car-maker.

There were no further details about her death.

Steve Cadro Bludgeoned and stabbed to death 3/21/00 Hungarian gay porn director
Brandon Wilde Murdered Winter 96
Derek Powers Murdered 5/19/96
Christopher Lance Stabbed during lovers' quarrel 4/24/94
Artie Mitchell
[IAFD Listing] Shot by his brother Jim 1991/02/27 He was half of the legendary Mitchell Brothers.
Billy London Mutilated 10/29/90 Found dismembered in a trash bin on Santa Monica Blvd. He did gay video work such as: "Bulge: Mass Appeal", "Hard Choices", "Head of the Class", "Hot Wired", "Imperfect Strangers", and "Sex Drive 2020"
Charli Waters
[IAFD Listing] Murdered 1989 Murdered by a john according to Excalbur's Adult Porn Star Mall
[IAFD Listing] Killed during a violent crime Unknown
J. Brian Unknown Unknown filmmaker from the '70's, according to LEGENDS website.

Rebecca Steele
[IAFD Listing] OD'd on Carisoprodol; suffering from AIDS 1/18/2004
Mike Henson Overdose of heroin 9/21/2002 Was HIV+, death was not AIDS related
Leo Masters Heart Failure due to Drug Overdose 6/22/2001
Christian Murphy Overdose, Crystal Meth 1/23/2001 Retired gay porn star; he was 34.
Jamoo OD 8/31/00
Chance Ryder
[IAFD Listing] Accidental overdose of anti-psychotic prescription drugs November, 1999
J.D. Ram
[IAFD Listing] drug overdose 9/30/98 heroin overdose
Trinity Loren
[IAFD Listing] drug overdose 10/28/98
Daniel Holt Heart attack after accidental drug OD 11/20/93
Arcadia Lake
[IAFD Listing] Accidental overdose 1990
Fred Halsted OD'd on sleeping pills 1988
Linda Wong
[IAFD Listing] Overdose 12/7/87
Jill Munro
[IAFD Listing] Heroin OD 1982 Sex change star companion of Mr. "10 1/2" Marc Stevens. "I recently purchased an old back copy of Adult Cinema Review, December 1982. Inside was an entire two page memorial to Jill. Two articles were penned about the transsexual(pg's 4-5). One written by Ron Jeremy and the other by a guy named Boz Crawford. To make a long story short the article says that Jill Munro was found dead in her apartment, the apparent victim of a heroin overdose. The time of death was August, 1982." - J. Lisk

Jay Anthony Suicide, reasons and method unknown April, 2003
Naughtia Childs
[IAFD Listing] Suicide? Jumped/Fell off her balcony 01/07/2002 Seems like a suicide, tho there's a homicide investigation pending.
Mark a/k/a Mark DeBoy 9/1/2000 of fame
Jon Vincent Drug overdose/suicide 5/3/2000
Brad Chase Hanged himself 4/19/2000 Brother of Kyle Matthews
Kyle McKenna Suicide, OD'd on pills of some sort 3/14/2000
Wendy O. Williams
[IAFD Listing] self-inflicted gunshot wound 4/7/98 lead singer of The Plasmatics, appeared in "Candy Goes To Hollywood"
Steve Fox Suicide 10/23/97
Christian Fox drug overdose 10/96
Alex Jordan
[IAFD Listing] self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging 7/2/95
Joel Curry Suicide 10/2/95 Method unknown, after death of his mother
Cal Jammer
[IAFD Listing] self-inflicted gunshot wound 1/25/95
[IAFD Listing] self-inflicted gunshot wound (N Smith's Page) 7/11/94
Rod Phillips Suicide by drug OD as he lay dying of AIDS 6/7/93
Celia Young
[IAFD Listing] Unknown method 1992 Did 4 or 5 movies
Alan Lambert Suicide by gunshot 12/92
Nancee Kellee
[IAFD Listing] self-inflicted asphyxiation by hanging 11/91 Wife of Twin Peaks star Jack Nance, daughter of Coach star Jerry Van Dyke
Megan Leigh
[IAFD Listing] self-inflicted gunshot wound 6/16/90
Kristine Heller
[IAFD Listing] Suicide 1989? Paul Thomas' girlfriend in late 70s; starred in Babyface
Shauna Grant
[IAFD Listing] self-inflicted gunshot wound 3/23/84
Mary Millington
[IAFD Listing] Suicide 8/19/79
Melba Bruce Unknown method 1977
Andy Mantegna Suicide, Method Unknown Unknown
Susanna Britton
[IAFD Listing] Suicide Unknown AKA Barbara Peckinpaugh / was in Bad Girls 2…
Lynn Tars Unknown method Unknown Did 4 or 5 movies
Danie Suicide, method unknown Unknown
Claudia Fielers Not Sure How Unknown

Dante Unknown March 2002 Blond gay porn star and Jet Set regular Dante was found found dead at his home a few weeks ago. No cause of death has so far been established. Jet Set has confirmed his death. Jet Set has put a memoriam at the front of all copies of "Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang."
Amber Sexxxum
[IAFD Listing] Unknown 7/26/2002 No cause of death was released.
William Hunter Unknown 1998 gay porn producer/director

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Postby eric » Wed Apr 28, 2004 11:51 am

How common is HPV? Very. Does HPV clear from your body? Studies say in 92% of cases YES. Click Below to read them!
HPV Clearance
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Postby JustSayNo21 » Wed Apr 28, 2004 4:10 pm

I just wanted to add that because there was a discussion about Porn Stars and HPV and i saw where a couple of them on there died of cancer.
Mostly HIV but Cancer too. It did explain what kind of cancer on some of the posts, but still it makes you wonder.
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Postby morgan15 » Wed Apr 28, 2004 9:09 pm

So much porn are we all watching these day???

(Any good suggestions??)
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Postby eric » Thu Apr 29, 2004 10:23 am

I would imagine breast, lung, or colon one of the big 3.

More than likely porn stars get regular paps and a treated for their abnormalities and thus are virtually guaranteed never to get cervical cancer.
How common is HPV? Very. Does HPV clear from your body? Studies say in 92% of cases YES. Click Below to read them!
HPV Clearance
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